Entry fees (per player)

online registration
payment at the venue +5 pln

Non members of PBU1 PBU members Juniors/Seniors2 Youth
up to 19 yo3
Grand Prix of Poland 120 pln 90 pln 70 pln 25 pln
Main Series (3x10) 80 pln 60 pln 50 pln 10 pln
XI Main Series (4x10) 100 pln 80 pln 60 pln 10 pln
Side Game Series 60 pln 45 pln 30 pln 5 pln
Teams - qualifications 4 170 pln 120 pln 90 pln 40 pln
Newcomers5 25 pln 25 pln 25 pln 5 pln
  1. Only PBU members and foreign players with active membership in foreign federation are allowed to participate in Grand Prix of Poland and Teams
  2. Applies for active PBU players whose rights to discounts are noted on MSC Cezar website. It also applies to foreign junior players.
  3. Applies for active PBU members with valid school ID.
  4. For each next phase applies the same charge as for Main Series tournament.
  5. Only bridge newcomers are eligible to participate in this tournament, i.e. players not associated with the PBU or members of the PBU with a WK not exceeding 0.5.
  6. Prizes will be sent by bank transfer (polish account).
  7. Players from Ukraine can play free of charge.
  8. Players from Russia and Belarus are not eligible to play in Baltic Congress.